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Air Conditioning Company in McLean, VA

The feel of cold air rushing from a supply register is a huge relief on a hot summer afternoon. How do you make sure your equipment always runs the way it should? And where do you turn if the AC starts acting up?

C.B. Lucas is your source for reliable cooling services in Prince William and Fairfax counties. Our family-owned and -operated company has been installing, replacing, maintaining, and repairing air conditioners for over 44 years.

To schedule cooling services for your Northern Virginia home, please call C.B. Lucas today at (703) 590-3700(703) 590-3700.

Cooling Systems We Service

Did you know there are more options for cooling your home than just central air conditioning or a window AC unit? C.B. Lucas can service any type of cooling system you may have.

  • Air conditioners: A high-efficiency AC unit is an energy-saving way to keep cool this summer.
  • Heat pumps: This clever equipment looks and works like an air conditioner when it’s hot outside, but thanks to a reversing switch, it can also heat your home in the winter!
  • Ductless mini-splits: You can still enjoy home cooling without ductwork. When you install a ductless mini-split, one or more wall-mounted air handlers connect to an outdoor unit to conveniently and efficiently heat and cool your home.

In addition to these cooling systems, we also specialize in solar-assisted heat pumps and air conditioners, zoning systems, and indoor air quality solutions.

Cooling Services in Prince William & Fairfax Counties

Our goal at C.B. Lucas is to serve as a one-stop-shop for all your cooling needs. Here’s what we offer:

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

We care about our customers’ needs, and we never call a job complete until you are thrilled with the results. This goes for new equipment installations as well as system replacements.

We’ll help you select the right equipment for you, whether it’s a central air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless mini-split. Then, we’ll carefully size your unit to ensure it meets your needs and perform an expert installation to maximize the efficiency of your investment. We install cooling systems from Trane, Lennox, Honeywell, Aprilaire, and more.

Air Conditioning Repair

There’s nothing worse than a broken air conditioner late on a Friday before a holiday weekend. Rather than waiting it out until regular business hours, give C.B. Lucas a call any time of day or night, and we’ll be there to perform a reliable, affordable air conditioning repair. We service most brands, whether we originally installed the unit or not.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Reduce the chance of midseason breakdowns and lower your energy bills with routine cooling maintenance. Inspections from C.B. Lucas include checking the compressor, belts, refrigerant charge, coils, filter, and more. These checks are designed to improve system reliability and help your AC run at its peak. We recommend annual maintenance to prolong the life of your cooling unit.

Contact C.B. Lucas for Cooling Services in Arlington, VA

An air conditioner that runs properly makes you more comfortable, improves indoor air quality, and gives you peace of mind. Let C.B. Lucas check all the boxes to enhance your personal health, comfort, and convenience. We draw on over 40 years of experience as a family-owned and -operated HVAC company serving Prince William and Fairfax counties.

Give us a call today at (703) 590-3700(703) 590-3700 to schedule the cooling services you need. We’ll help you keep your cool all summer long!

Commonly Asked Air Conditioning Questions

How should I set the thermostat fan on my air conditioner?

Thermostat fans can be set to “on,” “off,” or “auto.” The most efficient setting is “auto,” which only runs the fan when necessary to keep the temperature at the set level. For more consistency, use the “on” setting to keep the air flowing at all times. The “on” setting also helps filter the air if you have allergies or asthma in your home.

What should I troubleshoot before calling for AC repair?

Before calling our team to assess your air conditioner, check your thermostat to ensure it’s set right. Check for tripped breakers and blown fuses as well. You can also check or change the air filter if needed. If these do not solve your problem, then you need to call for a repair appointment.

How can I make my air conditioner more efficient?

To save money on your cooling costs, make sure you have a maintenance check on your air conditioner every year. You can also use a programmable thermostat to reduce your cooling costs when you’re not home. Changing the air filter when needed and removing things blocking the air vents will also improve your system’s efficiency.

When does my air conditioner need to be maintained?

A preventive maintenance check in the spring at the start of the cooling season is ideal. This should be performed every year to check for inefficiencies and repair problems. Your maintenance check will also give a technician the chance to check for problems that could need repair early in the season.

Should I cover the outdoor unit in the winter?

The condenser unit is designed to live outdoors, so it does not need to be covered. Covering the unit actually puts it at a little bit of a risk. If someone doesn’t know that it’s covered and turns it on early in the cooling season, the restriction of airflow can cause costly damage. However, you do need to remove debris at the end of winter, and this is something we’ll do at our service appointment.

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