Withoutproper plumbing in your home, you wouldn't have convenient access toclean, drinkable water, and the wastewater from your home couldn'tdrain away. You owe a lot to your plumbing, so you should do yourbest to keep the pipes in good repair.

Ofcourse, while you may take care to keep the drains clear and thewater flowing freely, your pipes will still need to be replacedeventually. But how can you know when your pipes need to be replaced?

1. Discolored Water

Whenyou turn on the tap to fill a glass of water, wash the dishes, ortake a shower, you expect the water to flow out crystal clear.Occasionally, if the city works on the main water lines, slightlycolored water may spout from the faucet. This minor and infrequentdiscoloration isn't anything to worry about.

However,if the water consistently looks brown, yellow, red, or orange, yourpipes need replacing. This discoloration results from rusted andcorroded pipes. As the pipes deteriorate, the rusted bits of metalchip off, flow into your water supply, and color the water. The morethe pipes break down, the higher your risk for leaks or burstpipes-and the more costly the repairs.

2. Visible Corrosion

Mostof the piping in your home is buried under the foundation, beneaththe floors, or behind the walls, so you won't often be able to seeany visible damage or wear and tear. If you have exposed piping inyour home, like the visible pipes in your basement, you can moreeasily detect corrosion and other issues like flaking, discoloredpipes, bumps on the pipes, and dimpling.

Ifthe exposed piping is corroded, the covered pipes in your buildinghave more than likely sustained the same damage and need replacing assoon as possible.

3. ConsistentlyClogging Pipes

Aspreviously mentioned, your pipes should freely drain water away fromyour home. Occasionally, you'll experience a minor clog, but if younotice more frequent clogs, you may have a larger issue with yourpipes.

Consistentlyclogged drains often mean you have a clog deep within the pipeitself. Or, tree roots could have penetrated the piping material andcreated a blockage. A clog could also have formed if sediment buildsup in the piping. No matter the cause for the clog, you'll need tohave the issue solved immediately.

However,if you've had a plumbing expert repair clogged drains and pipesmultiple times within a short time frame but you still experienceclogs, you should just replace your pipes altogether.

4. Aged Pipes

Aswith all appliances, siding, roofing materials, and other homecomponents, your home's pipes have an age limit. Brass, cast iron,and galvanized steel pipes last between 80 and 100 years. Copperpipes last between 70 and 80 years, and PVC pipes can last up to 40years if properly cared for. Note that the lifespans mentioned inthis section can vary if high water pressure stresses the pipes orthe pipes contain high levels of hard water deposits.

Ifyour pipes are older than their projected lifespan, replace them assoon as you can. If you aren't sure when your pipes were installed,look at the inspection reports or have a professional inspect them.

5. Frequent Leaks

Leaksare perhaps the most common plumbing issue many property owners face.But this small annoyance can also indicate a much larger issue withyour pipes. If you notice frequent leaks in your pipes, ask aplumbing professional if replacement is the best option. Sometimes, asmall leak can be patched or repaired. Other times, a visible leak isjust a small symptom of a larger leak deeper within the pipeline.

Ifyou don't see any visible leaks, look for dark, discolored patchesnear any water fixtures or on your walls, floors, or ceilings.

Youcan also look to your water bill to determine if your pipes areleaking consistently. If your building's water usage has increaseddrastically, you most likely have a leak somewhere. Replacing thepipes will solve all of these issues.

Rely on theProfessionals at C.B. Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning

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Whileour name says we work with heating and air conditioning, we prideourselves in being experts in plumbing woes, too. We'll diagnose thesource of your plumbing issue so you can experience clear, flowingwater when you need it most.