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Why Your Home Has Uneven Heating And Cooling Problems

Posted On: March 27, 2018

Many homes have trouble with keeping a uniform degree of comfort around the home. Sometimes the upstairs feels hot while the downstairs feels cool. You may want to have some control over how each area of your home feels. Here are some solutions to uneven heating and cooling issues in your home.

Are You Having Problems with a Single Room or Space?

You may have a problem with the vent or register in that room. A vent may have a ton of dust and debris in it. You can have furniture or something large sitting in front of or on top of the vent. The vent or duct might also be in disrepair.

Situations involving the vents imply an airflow problem. If air can’t move into or out of a space, then it won’t heat or cool the rest of the house properly. Louvers or slats on your vents can also block airflow if they’re closed. Dirty air filters will also block airflow.

Various things can contribute to a lack of airflow through your ducts. If it’s only just a blocked vent or dirty filter, then it’s an easy fix. If you have damage to your ducts, then you will need the help of a qualified contractor.

Are You Controlling the Flow of Air in Your Home?

If you don’t take control of the airflow throughout your home, you’ll likely run into uneven heating or cooling issues. Many people never consider how air flows throughout the home. Just as you can cover your vents accidentally, you can also use them to distribute your conditioned air how you want.

For example, if a room grows too hot while an adjacent area stays cold, you can partially close the vent in the room. Doing so will help to redirect the heat to areas that aren’t getting enough of it.

In this way, you will have a more even distribution. You can do the same thing with the larger registers you might find on the wall in a hallway or on a floor.

Your ducts will have dampers on them as well. If they’re not adjusted properly, they can mess with how much or how little conditioned air flows to certain areas.

Are You Checking Your Thermostat’s Settings?

Your thermostat may have some helpful settings. The most common setting is blower fan control. Most electronic thermostats turn the blower on when needed. You can try switching the blower fan from auto to on. By changing the setting, your blower fan will stay on instead of cycling. This can help keep the conditioned air circulating.

Are You Speaking to Professionals About Your HVAC System?

An uneven heating or cooling problem can often represent an issue that requires professional help. For example, a professional HVAC contractor can inspect the entirety of your ductwork to make sure there are no air leaks or other issues. In addition, they can determine if you have enough insulation or the right insulation.

You can also speak to a contractor about installing a zoning system or other solution. These systems give you finer control over your heating and cooling by separating your home into zones. You can control the temperature in each zone independently of the other.

One final concern for uneven air distribution can include your HVAC equipment. A poorly installed or incorrectly sized furnace or central air unit can lead to these types of problems. Only a certified and experienced HVAC contractor can ascertain if that’s the case.

At C.B. Lucas, we have HVAC professionals who can get to the bottom of your uneven heating or cooling problem. If you want better control over your HVAC system and utility bills, contact us today.

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