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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Air Purification & Cleaning Services in Franklin Farm, Oakton & Tysons

At C.B. Lucas, our team understands that nothing is more important than the health of your home and family, which is why we provide exceptional indoor air quality solutions, including air purification and cleaning, as well as humidifier and dehumidifier services.

The air in your home can be up to a hundred times worse than the outdoor air, so it’s important to schedule regular indoor air quality services. Your indoor air may be filled with allergens, dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses – all of which can be prevented and removed with a whole-house air cleaner.

Don’t suffer with poor indoor air quality – call us today at (703) 590-3700 to schedule an estimate.

Air Purification & Cleaning Systems

C.B. Lucas offers indoor air quality equipment that can purify the air in your Reston, McLean, Burke, or Dale City home. Air cleaning systems remove dust, spores, dirt, and allergens that cause unpleasant odors and health issues.

Our whole-house air purification and cleaning systems attach to your home’s HVAC system, so you can breathe fresh air without an additional home eyesore or a large piece of equipment taking up space.

To learn more about our whole-home air purifiers, call our trusted HVAC team at (703) 590-3700 or contact us online.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

When the humidity levels are out of proportion in your McLean-area home, your health could be at risk.

Low humidity levels can make your home feel colder than it really is. The dry air from low humidity makes your skin and lips feel chapped and can make you more susceptible to getting sick. However, excess humidity levels could leave your home at risk of water damage and mold growth.

The way to control your humidity levels is through a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier system. C.B. Lucas offers expert humidifier and dehumidifier installation services, ensuring comfort and improvement of the air quality in your living space.

Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC’s ductwork needs to be cleaned routinely to guarantee dust and dirt-free air in your home. Clean ducts lead to clean air, improving your indoor air quality. Dust, dirt, and debris can get caught in your ducting system, which means those pollutants are being blown into your home. To ensure your ducts and air are clean and safe, call the C.B. Lucas team to perform the service today!

Why Choose C.B. Lucas for Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

Want to learn more about how to improve the indoor air quality in your Arlington-area home? Contact C.B. Lucas today! Our highly trained HVAC experts can install whole-home air purification systems or humidifiers/dehumidifiers to increase your overall comfort and health.

To schedule your indoor air quality service, give us a call at (703) 590-3700 or contact us online today!

Our Service Area

C.B. Lucas offers indoor air quality solutions in Fairfax, Franklin Farm, Oakton, Tysons, Reston, McLean, Burke, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Linton Hall, Arlington, and Alexandria.

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