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Sump Pump Services in Fairfax County, VA

Nobody wants to be unprepared when disaster strikes. Basement flooding can devastate a homeowner, especially if they’re stuck with water up to their ankles. With the proper sump pump, those worries just float away (but thankfully not in your basement.) Family-owned and -operated with over 44 years of exceptional service, you can trust C.B. Lucas for quality sump pump services and installation.

What is a Sump Pump?

Specially designed to pump water from one place to another, a sump pump is a fully submersible appliance installed in the ground under your home. It is positioned in the deepest portion of your basement or crawlspace to prevent flooding. When heavy rain occurs, excess groundwater begins to rise after the result of oversaturation. If enough rain makes it to the sump pit, the area around it may begin to flood. This triggers the float switch to power on, resulting in the extraction of the water from below the foundation. The sump pump then pushes that water to the nearest storm drain, dry well, or retention pond, keeping your basement dry and giving you and your family some well-deserved peace of mind.

For a helpful hand when you need it most, reach out online or call (703) 590-3700 to schedule sump pump services for your northern VA area home!

Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

Sump pump installation is a smart move for homes and businesses. Sump pumps keep your treasured belongings and important documents safe, and the structural integrity of your home or business counts on that.

Reasons You May Need Sump Pump Replacement

Some of the most common reasons we see a need for sump pump replacement include:

  • Switch failure
  • Visible rust
  • Runs constantly
  • Makes strange noises
  • Vibrates while it’s running
  • Irregular cycling

Sump Pump Repair

Dirt, gravel, sand, and other debris can get stuck inside your sump pump, causing clogging in the pump itself and/or the switches. You might have a jammed float switch, or worse, it’s not turning on at all.

Don’t get caught sump pump stumped! For professional services in northern VA, trust the company that’s been providing quality plumbing services to families for over 44 years! Call C.B. Lucas at (703) 590-3700 or reach out online now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pumps

How does water get into my basement?

There are three ways water can get into your basement:

  • A pipe breaks.
  • Your house sits on a high-water table, and water seeps in through the basement cracks and joints.
  • Water accumulates around your basement walls during storms.

Will the sump pump drain our basement if one of our pipes breaks?

Yes, when water fills up around your sump pump, the switch will activate and begin to push the water out of your home.

Will my sump pump work if my power is out?

In most cases, yes. If your sump pump has a battery backup when your power goes out, the battery backup will automatically kick in and begin removing water from your basement, preventing flooding.

Does C.B. Lucas have year-round maintenance to make sure my sump pump is functioning correctly?

Yes, C.B. Lucas provides yearly maintenance plans to ensure your home or office system runs at optimal efficiency, keeping you and your family worry and flood-free.

Do you provide emergency services?

Yes, we’re just a call away for all your emergency needs. We’re available 24/7, including weekends and holidays!

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