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Piping & Repiping in Prince William County, VA

Prince William and Fairfax counties are home to some of America’s most historic homes and buildings. They’re also booming with new construction for modern city and suburban lifestyles. When it comes to reliable water flow in any building, old buildings likely need updating, and new buildings need the proper foundation.

What Are Piping & Repiping?

The “piping” in a building refers to the hot and cold water flow from the water source to the faucets and fixtures. It does not typically involve drainage and sewer lines, which carry wastewater away from the building. Repiping is the process of replacing old or existing pipes in your home or building. Piping refers to the process of installing the network of pipes and valves for hot and cold water flow from scratch in a new construction build.

When Do You Need to Repipe Your Home or Property?

Even with proper plumbing maintenance, old pipes eventually need to be replaced. Pipes can become corroded, clogged, or filled with mineral deposits. All of these things affect your water quality and flow. Contact us if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Unusual and unpleasant odors in your water
  • Poor water taste
  • Creaking and banging noises coming from the pipes
  • Unusual water temperature fluctuations or issues
  • Visible corrosion
  • Discolored/rust-colored water
  • Poor or inconsistent water pressure
  • Frequently leaking pipes
  • Your house is 50 years old or older

A complete repiping may sound scary, expensive, or over-the-top. Oftentimes, it is none of those things! Depending on your home’s size, age, and condition, the scope of your piping issues could be very minimal. But nevertheless, it’s always good to have the professionals come and take a look.

C.B. Lucas is experienced in piping new construction and repiping old buildings. Contact us today! Book online or call us at (703) 590-3700.

What Is PEX Piping?

PEX is a type of material for piping. It’s a newer material shown to be more resistant to corrosion and is more flexible, thus reducing the need for excess elbow joints (which are a common source of leaks). PEX piping is commonly used in new installations. It’s affordable, easy to install, and less prone to bursting if it becomes frozen. Copper and PVC are other common piping materials. Copper is more expensive but a tried-and-true material for piping. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t harbor bacteria. Copper pipes will, however, burst when frozen and thus need to be insulated for the winter. PVC is cheaper than copper and easy to install but can still freeze and may not last quite as long as copper (although it still has a life span of a few decades).

Professionals for Piping & Repiping

Repiping a house involves demolition, plumbing, reconstruction, and in some cases, using an open flame. Therefore, it is not a do-it-yourself job. C.B. Lucas professionals have serviced all types of homes and buildings in your area. They are fully certified, bonded, and insured and aim to uphold the quality of your home by taking care of its most essential functions.

Call C.B. Lucas today at (703) 590-3700 to schedule plumbing services in your Prince William or Fairfax County home.

Why C.B. Lucas?

Family-owned and -operated since 1977, we know the Northern Virginia area inside and out and service any type of plumbing situation. Our founder, Charles Lucas, can still be found answering phones from time to time! It doesn’t get more personal than that. Our expertise and passion run deep, as does our service culture.

  • Factory-trained and NATE-certified professionals
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Regular savings and competitive pricing

Book a service appointment online or call us at (703) 590-3700 to inspect your piping.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1977
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